Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why America is Failing


 I believe in the founding fathers' wisdom, and quote them often on this blog's Facebook page. 

"peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."-Thomas Jefferson


Americans have had so much smoke blown up their asses, they now reject anything truthful.  We've had such a yes-man leadership for so long we can no longer handle anyone telling it like it is.  That's why Ron Paul never had a chance, he's constantly ridiculed for speaking truth. 
Being an isolationist didn't cause world wars, not being isolationist dragged us into them.  However, no one in this country seems to understand that we've been sold a bill of goods, and now it's time to pay the piper. 

No matter who wins the upcoming election, Americans have hard times ahead.  There are many people in this country asking, "what can my country do for me?"  instead of, "What can I do for my country?"  Now, I know there are plenty of good people out there willing to work hard for a living, and many willing to fight to preserve our freedoms, but at this point those people have become the minority.  Congress has a dismal approval rating of 10%.  Even so, despite a huge conservative movement known as the TEA Party, we managed to re-elect 87% of our representatives from the house, and 84% of our senators.  We've built a society full of entitlements that we cannot sustain, but if anyone talks about getting rid of them, they're crucified as hating the poor or elderly.  I don't hate poor people, I just wish they'd get a job.  They can afford booze and cigarettes, but not their own cell phone?  They can afford a new flat-screen, but can't pay the rent?  I can't be the only one that thinks we're on our way to a financial collapse.

Quantitative Easing

History buffs might recall a little something called the Weimar Republic, who's currency collapsed as a result of quantitative easing.  This is the same nonsense that the Federal Reserve has done thrice, and this third time they've said they will continue to print money until the economy gets better (don't hold your breath).  This is the economic and monetary policy that good libertarians like Ron Paul have been warning us about.  There's a reason we need to audit the Federal Reserve, they're destroying the dollar's value, and I don't know about you, but I don't get paid in gold and rubies.

Gold has a steady value on its own, because there is a finite amount of it in the world.  Sure, we tried to make it ourselves through alchemy, but eventually chemists figured out that it is an element, and can't be created from mixing base metals.  The only time the value of gold can really decline is when we find more of it, which isn't as easy as firing up a printing press.

That brings me to the dollar, that is constantly losing value every time we print more.  This is because the less rare or difficult to come by something is, the less valuable.  You may have noticed that the stock market went up when quantitative easing started again.  Many unthinking number watchers believe that the stocks they own are now worth more, but in truth, the dollar is just worth less.  If you haven't noticed, the cost of living continues to climb, and quantitative easing will only make it worse.   Everyone in America will be taking a pay cut as a result of this, unless their salary raises can outpace the dismal fall of our currency's value.  


Our government has decided deficits don't matter.  Apparently we can afford to finance countries that hate us as well.  We have a president who apologizes for the freedoms we have, and constantly cow-tows to the rest of the world.  Now our government is afraid to take away money granted to foreign countries for fear they'll hate us more.  We give out no bid government contracts (see cronyism), and silly liberals have been convinced that "evil corporations" are responsible for the mess we're in.  Corporations aren't evil, the politicians that give them handouts are the ones to blame.

Weakness of Leadership

No amount of money will keep these crazy goat fucking ambassador killers from hating us, because we are the infidel, and their little holy book says they should conquer us, make us their slaves, or kill us in the name of their "peaceful" religion.  Years of indoctrination from mosques have convinced these people they shouldn't have any fun, or be happy.  Anyone that does is obviously evil in their eyes.  Our leaders can only apologize for a video (that didn't seem to bother anyone until September 11th), and say we shouldn't upset the Muslims.  This kind of weakness is something Britain tried with a tiny mustache wearing Austrian upstart name Adolf, and it didn't really help things.  Just ask these unlucky formerly Nazi occupied countries: