Saturday, June 27, 2015

Equality Does Not Equal Liberty

Is polygamy worse than homosexuality? Must be, it's still illegal in the "land of the free." I'm glad people were happy yesterday, but we've got 200+ years of government overreach. The fact that government is involved in the religious institution of marriage is unconstitutional, and frankly establishes theocracy, not democracy. 

We've foolishly given up so much of our freedom, people rot in jail for victimless crimes. We face the threat of fines and imprisonment for exercising our natural rights without the government's permission. This means we don't have rights, merely privileges the government could take away. 

Worse still, we have a legal system with a built in conflict of interest. Can we really expect fairness at trial when the police, prosecutors, and judges all feed from the same trough?

We are merely livestock to the super elite, and we prove them right every day by continuing to accept their dominance over us. We ask permission to get married, hunt, fish, travel, build a home, and even participate in commerce. 

What happened yesterday was a tiny victory for equality, but did nothing at all for the cause of true liberty.