Friday, July 16, 2010

NAACP: Where's the Proof?

Last week, the NAACP passed a resolution condemning racism in the TEA Parties.  A while back, when a few imaginative (and expendable to their party) Congressmen decided to walk directly in front of the protesters (even when they didn't have to in order to get where they were going)  they claimed they were victims of spitting and racial slurs.  The media regurgitated their stories immediately to smear the TEA Parties as racist.  Then, a rising conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart challenged these R-bomb dropping yellow journalists.  He put up $10,000 of his own money for donation to the United Negro College Fund.  All he needed in return, was video evidence of the so-called racism of the TEA Parties. 

Sadly to this date, the United Negro College Fund hasn't received a donation from Andrew Breitbart.  That's because the Congressmen who made those accusations are full of shit (as most politicians are).  They tried to incite and expose a racial tension that simply doesn't exist.  When they failed, they decided to lie to the lapdog press anyway.  No evidence can be found anywhere (believe me, I tried).  I've seen some signs with religious overtones, but mostly about American being a christian nation, as a rebuke to Obama saying "we are no longer a christian nation." 

I did see someone holding a cardboard sign saying:  This sign is the brownest thing on the block.  Looks racist, but if you look at the guy's t-shirt, which says, "Listen to Bob Marley," it's obvious he was there to infiltrate the TEA Party.  A smart and under-handed tactic, when one actually dresses like the people he's supposed to be marginalizing.

I'm forced to categorize the NAACP as a political tool of the left.  Why would they pass this resolution without proof?  Why won't they present proof they say they have to Andrew Breitbart?  I know the United Negro College Fund could use and extra ten grand in these tough economic times.

Well, where's the proof?


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