Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Today is Adolph Hitler's birthday.  Hitler is considered one of the most, if not the most evil man in history.  He committed mass genocide, and managed to drag the entire world into a second world war.  There is no question that Adolph Hitler was an evil man, but I have a question of my own:  Did Hitler realize what he was doing was evil?  Did Hitler realize he himself was evil?  How could a man commit such arocities, unless he thought he was doing good for his country and the world?  Perhaps Hitler felt he was ushering in a new era for humanity, where the weak are not tolerated and allowed to burden the strong.  He felt that through eugenics, the human race could attain even greater heights.  Phrenology and other junk sciences were the basis of his thinking.  Thankfully today, most of us realize the shape of your skull has nothing to do with your intelligence.

The most amazing thing about Adolph Hitler, is the fact that he was not German (if you stayed awake in history class, you know Hitler was Austrian), yet managed to rise to the highest seat of power in Germany.  He used scapegoats to explain the tough economy in Germany at the time, the Jews being the most famous, but not the only ones oppressed by Hitler's Nazi party.  Why were the Jews such an easy target?  Well, they have money.  It's very easy to convince an ignorant uneducated population to blame their problems on people more fortunate or harder working than themselves.  This is the mentality socialism thrives on, and modern socialists are still using the same tactics.

Now, I know there will be plenty of jack-holes out there calling me paranoid for saying what I'm about to say, and that's okay.  After all, who's to say I'm right?  I'm not even sure if I'm right, but I have suspicions based on the history I've shared above. 

Today the United States of America has it's first socialist president, and the class warfare mentality is thriving in this country.  Everyone that doesn't work feels entitled to the same luxuries working people enjoy.  While some in America will still point to the Jews as the problem, they are generally dismissed as anti-semetic and ignorant.  However, blaming wealthy people for the problems of the poor is still par for the course for a socialist government. 

Hitler managed to grab power by capitalizing on disaster (the burning of the Reichstag).  Who's to say our government is not doing the same thing?  Some smelly terrorists knock down a couple of skyscrapers, and all of the sudden Americans are okay with having TSA Agents feel them up, make them take off there shoes, irradiate them with body scanners, etc.  The government also found a way to go to war in two different countries, ignoring the fact that most of the 9/11 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia (a supposed ally).  After 9/11 the government grew in scope and size, while the liberties of its citizens dwindled, and continue to dwindle.  Who's the big winner in the 9/11 disaster?  Well, the US Government.  If you've read "The Prince" by Machiaveli, you already know what I'm getting at.

Today is not only Hitler's birthday, but also the anniversary of the Gulf Coast BP Oil disaster.  This is probably a coincidence, but it raises my paranoid suspicions.  One oil rig blows up, and the next thing we know the executive branch of government shuts down the entire industry.  The courts ruled that the moratorium was unconstitutional, so the executive branch simply re-issued the moratorium, blatantly disrespecting the judicial branch, as well as the US Constitution.  This makes oil prices go up, causing more stress on our already dying economy.  Luckily, Obama's buddy George Soros happens to have just recently invested in Brazilian oil production.  Just another coincidence right?  I'm just being paranoid, right?

As you may have noticed, even well over halfway into his presidency, Obama has still managed to blame George W. Bush and "Rich people" for the country's economic plight.  Nevermind that over half of our population is now using government assistance in some way or another.  Nevermind the fact our public schools are overburdened with illegal aliens, and education standards continue to slip in this country.  Nevermind the entitlements this country inspire more laziness than anything.  Remember, weak economies allow socialism to fester and grow in power.  Disasters are their favorite tool, as Rahm Emanuel has said, to push through otherwise unpopular ideas and policies.

There are still quite a few questions about Obama's past, as well as speculation that he is not a Natural Born Citizen and therefore, ineligible to hold the office of the President.  Whether he is or not, neither side can (or is willing) to prove his eligibility either way.  I personally think Obama's unilateral attack on Libya without Congressional approval is grounds enough for impeachment, but the birther movement is still quite important.  Next time you say it doesn't matter whether Obama is a natural born citizen, just try and remember how German Adolph Hitler was. 

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