Friday, October 21, 2011

The Plan to Save America

What's your plan to save America?  Mine's to run it just like we run things on the state level here in Texas.

One thing I've noticed, people keep saying a national sales tax will be unfair, but none seem to want to explain their position.  The only valid point I've read is that seniors will be double taxed on their Roth IRA retirement.  That's a problem easily fixed with an exemption, we just need a way to let retirees prove to merchants the money they're using is from a retirement fund.  A checkbook or debit card would be easy enough of a fix for me. 

I live in Texas, and I'm proud of my state for having no income tax.  Income taxes are the enemy, they punish success and reward failure, as well as lead us down a dangerous path to communism.  Now, Texas doesn't tax income, but we make up for it by taxing everything else.  Fortunately, almost all of these taxes seem necessary.  Common sense stuff like $0.20 per gallon of gasoline to maintain the roads, $1 per 300 pound barrel of oysters taken from Texas waters, etc.
Texas is hurting less than every other state right now, and it's because our government has the good sense to trim the fat when we have budget shortfalls.  As a matter of fact, for 2011 we were facing a $27 billion shortfall.  By the end of our very short legislative session which only meets every two years, we ended up with a $4 billion surplus, without touching our $9 billion rainy day fund.

Not bad for a state with no income tax revenue.  The best part about living here in Texas is when tax season comes around and the federal government is raping your wallet, the state government leaves you alone.

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