Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Satanic Rants of Democrats Against Abortion Bill in Texas

The Democrats in Texas have stepped in it big time.  While they were protesting an abortion bill in the Texas State Legislature, a pro life group got together to sing "Amazing Grace."  the pro abortion crowd (some of them at least) started chanting "Hail Satan!"  Now, I'm agnostic, but you'd have to be a complete idiot to start yelling hail Satan at an abortion protest whether you were for or against this bill. 

I understand why these misguided youngsters did what they did.  They wanted to intimidate and offend the pro life crowd as much as possible.  While doing so however, they've proven themselves to be on the wrong side of every moral issue.  This was unprecedented.  I always knew there was evil in the far left, but overt Satanic chants are a new one for me.  Texas is a conservative state, and a very pro life state.  This bill will pass.  The republicans dropped the ball in the first special session, and allowed Wendy Davis to filibuster the bill and run out the clock on the special session.  Another mistake they made was amending the bill so it would have to go back to the other house of state congress to be voted on again. 

The democrats have once again attempted to stall and delay the bill in the second special session, but republicans have learned from their mistakes.  Democrats are proposing amendments that would boost funding to foster care in Texas, which is noble, but if the amendment is accepted the bill will have to go through parliamentary procedure all over again.  The democrats and complacent media cheerleaders will use the rejection of the amendment to paint the republicans as uncaring toward orphans.

Most of the pro abortion protesters probably have no idea what's in this bill, don't be a slave to ignorance as so many people in this country are, read the actual bill.  It's pretty straight forward, and it's not full of legalese nonsense like most of our federal bills.  Most people with a grasp on the English language should be able to understand it.  The bill bans abortions after 20 weeks.  FYI, this is what a baby looks like after 20 weeks in the womb:

It's very hard to change people's hearts on both sides of this issue, so naturally my opinion has not been changed.  I am and have been for a long time pro life.  Unflinchingly, uncompromisingly pro life.  The pro abortion crowd refers to themselves as pro choice, which sounds a lot better than pro abortion, but that's what they are.  If you're not against abortions, you're for them.  Sorry, that's the way this issue works.  They'll claim they're fighting for the rights of women, which sounds noble.  I argue that while fighting the rights of women, they neglect and destroy the right to life of the unborn. 

My position is simple:  Human life starts at conception.  Gametes containing half the chromosomes of each parent combine to create a complete genetic blueprint for life.  The resulting cell is called a zygote, and since that zygote is human life, it's important that we value its importance, and we protect it.  I'm much more concerned about the rights of an innocent unborn child, than of a woman who has become pregnant.  It's not a war on women, it's a protection of the unborn.  There are those that would grant exceptions to this belief, saying that in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger we should allow her to abort the pregnancy.  I strongly disagree.  Abortion itself is killing an innocent unborn child, no matter what the circumstances are.  The mother was raped, not the baby's fault.  Mother was involved in incest, still not the baby's fault.  The mother might die in child-birth, definitely not the baby's fault. 

Now these cases are very sad, and I'm not heartless to the plight of rape victims.  I believe rapists or any other sex offender should face at minimum life in prison, castration, or both.  I don't wish death on anyone, especially a mother.  We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (as long as we all respect everyone else's rights).  A mother dying during child birth is very sad, but not as sad as a child being sacrificed for a mother whose very instincts should make her willing to give her life for her child. 

Basically, I don't believe that innocent unborn children should have to pay for the mistakes of adults.  Unfortunately, some children, like those afflicted with FAS still pay for the mistakes of the mother, but at least they're alive, and get to experience this beautiful thing anyone reading this has had the privilege to experience:  Human life.

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