Friday, October 30, 2009

The Angry Constitutionalist

In case you haven't figured out my political leanings, I'm a Constitutionalist. I'm not very happy with my Federal Government right now. I wasn't always this way. I was actually raised liberal. I know my father is a conservative, but my mother was always a liberal. Still is. Don't worry, she's not on my shit-list. I love my mother, and always will. She dominated my political upbringing, for whatever reason. She had me voting Democrat when I came of age, but something else happened. I eventually gained my independence, left the nest. I have to say, if I was a conservative when I was 18, I'd have been out of the house by 18 1/2. Something happened. I started to care about my future. I started to realize how great this country is, and how we came to be the most powerful nation on the planet. Honestly, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I believe the reason we've enjoyed such prosperity over our short history lies within the sacred document: The Constitution of the United States of America. I suppose not many respect the sacred document. Many don't even respect the risks our Forefathers took to bring it about. I suspect our failing school system has something to do with this. They've become indoctrination centers, and I've experienced first-hand, global warming propaganda. They've been teaching this "theory" in our schools. This baseless, unproven, ridiculous, arrogant theory, that claims we can heat up the planet by driving around in SUVs. My favorite word to describe Al Gore's theory is poppy-cock, but that's another post (titled "Poppy-Cock") What I'm getting at, is read The Constitution. Realize what a beautiful compromise it is. It's ironic that many know of Jefferson's exploits with slave girls, but few realize he wished to abolish slavery in The United States at our Declaration of Independence, then and there. He truly wished all men their inalienable rights, but he realized it was a deal-breaker, so he left the wording and ideas in the Declaration of Independence, so men after him might liberate those in bondage. What I'm trying to say, is read it. Realize what it guarantees you, realize the consequences of violating it, realize we're facing those consequences right now, and have been for quite a while. Above all else, realize no matter what, a tyrant can be toppled by their victims, even if only a resolute minority of them challenge him. Just ask the British Monarchy, they lost 13 colonies, simply for taxing them without giving them representation in parliament.

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