Saturday, October 24, 2009

Socialist World?

Let's think about this. We're the wealthiest, most powerful nation on the face of the earth. If we socialize on a global level, how can our standard of living and wealth not disappear? How can Americans think this is a good idea? It's as if our media has been programming us to feel guilty for our success. I personally think that's bullshit. I worked damn hard to get what I have, and I did have help, but it wasn't mandated by the government. I believe in charity, not mandated wealth re-distribution. I myself am a good example of why socialism didn't work. I used to be a complete loser. I lived at home well into my 20s, unemployed, with no direction. I didn't even try. I had so much contempt for this world, that I wouldn't accept responsibility for my self. My parents were hapless enablers. How could they kick their flesh and blood to the curb? Finally, one day, they put there foot down and started demanding rent. I figured paying rent would make more sense if I didn't still live with Mommy and Daddy, so I moved out.

I experience quite a transformation when forced to take responsibility for myself. I think my parents are impressed, but disappointed I didn't take charge of my life sooner. Before I knew it, I had saved up enough to put a decent down payment on a house. The same loser who lived with his parents until he was 24 years old, now has a full-time job, and is on pace to pay off the house by his 40th birthday.

The point I'm trying to make, is if you try, if people stop giving you handouts and force you to try, you might just succeed.

Our country has been on the road to socialism ever since social security, and I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Johnson's war on poverty isn't exactly working. Welfare is a handout, not a hand up. There's an old saying: "If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime." Welfare does nothing to help anyone. It just gives a man a fish. What's worse, now we have many, many people in this country that feel entitled to a handout, with no obligation to them. Recently, Democrats (and worse Republicans) struck down a bill that would've required drug testing to receive government assistance. Now, our welfare society is using their government cheese to support their nasty crack or meth habit, and the kids still go hungry anyway. Now, with the housing bailout, my hard earned money goes to some irresponsible asshole so he can keep his nice home with an extra bathroom. This makes it harder to for me to fulfill my dreams, crushed under a tax burden to pay for assholes to sit in their houses. Because I read my mortgage, and made sure I could pay for it, I get the raw deal. It leaves me asking questions like: What was the point of saving money? Why did I buy such a small house if I didn't have to worry about affording it? How long will I pull the cart, before the weight is overbearing, and I decide to ride instead of pull? This is the inherent flaw in socialism, and communism as well. If we're all rewarded the same now matter how hard we work, not many of us will work hard.

Many people point to China as an example of successful socialism. They are right, the country is very efficient. They are an economic powerhouse that holds much of our debt. However, no sane American would want to live in China as a citizen. You see, China is efficient because it is totalitarian. It forces it's citizens to be efficient. Something I like to call economic enslavement. The Chinese don't have a choice in much, especially worship, and political speech. Many of them came to America to escape socialism and totalitarianism, but it seems this horrible idea has taken root here as well.

We've acted like sheeple for so long, the government has started considering us as just that. They think we're their slaves. That we work for them. Just livestock that needs to be managed. I hope they're wrong, but unless more Americans stand up for freedom, we'll be doomed to the quagmire of socialist mediocrity.

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