Sunday, November 29, 2009

George W. Bush the Psuedo Conservative

George Bush was the worst president this country has ever seen.  I know there are plenty of conservatives that would ask me to take a look at Obama, but in my book he's running a close second.  However, he is on pace to overtake Bush for that title within his first year. 

I feel much more betrayed by Bush than Obama though.  After all, Obama had written books about his plans for socializing medicine, and his facinations with socialism and communism.  No one would've guessed that George W. Bush would invest our hard earned tax dollars into Wall St. to bail out a bunch of people

"I've abandoned free market principles to save a free market system." - George W. Bush

When the leader of the Republican Party spouts this sort of nonsense, you can bet socialists have infected the Republican Party heirarchy.  With socialism already well established in the Democrat party under the guise of liberalism, it's clear the "Big 2" no longer offer a choice.  Both parties apparently now think the government should run healthcare, auto industry, banks, etc.  It's painfully obvious that while our current "leader" may be twisting the knife in America's back, Bush is the one who put the knife there.

With Bush's bailouts, precedents were set.  It's unbelievable what Bush did.  No sane person (who's paying attention) would have this man as a leader.  Not only did he forget how to spell VETO, even when Democrats were in charge, he managed to DOUBLE the spending of Bill Clinton under his watch even if you exclude wartime expenditures.  Clearly, Bush is not a fiscal conservative, and unworthy of much of the praise he receives. 

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