Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The End of the Conservative Republican Party

It was a nice run, but once the conservative base of the republican party is betrayed over, and over, and over again, we're forced to take our votes elsewhere.  Basically, in my lifetime, I've seen the Democratic Party become the Socialist Party, and I've watched the Republican Party become the Democratic Party.  Now there is a huge void on the right of America's political spectrum, and the Tea Party may be more than just a protest, it may be the new political party of the United States.  I'm still hoping to see GOOOH make a splash in 2010, we have grown signifigantly since I signed up.  After all, we need more choices. It's one of the few things I could agree with Ralph Nader on when he ran for president.  We have a culture of corruption, and unless we show some back-bone now, violence may be necessary.  Luckily, every soldier I've met in the military takes their oath to The Constitution seriously, unlike our politicians. 

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