Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Fix Healthcare

First of all, most people fail to realize what's breaking our system right now.  In the United States, anyone with or without insurance can go to a hospital emergency room and receive quality medical treatment.  This includes illegal aliens.  Sounds like everyone's getting health care to me!  There are two major reasons health care costs are rising, and neither one of them is an "evil" insurance company.

The first is frivolous lawsuits.  Insane amounts of money have been awarded for medical malpractice suits.  The result is higher malpractice insurance premiums.  Doctors didn't go to school for 10 years to be poor, they're going to pass the cost on to you, and who could blame them?  TORT reform would stop this problem in it's tracks, and has done so in Texas.  Of course, Democrats won't entertain this idea, because their lawyer buddies can't keep making a killing off of lawsuits.

Another alternative is to stop treating millions of illegal aliens for free.  After all, we're paying higher prices so doctors and nurses don't go broke treating them for free!  Once again, honest taxpayers pay the cost through increased health care pricing to cover the loss of treating illegal aliens for free.  Now, I'm not heartless.  If an illegal alien really needs treatment, we should oblige.  Then, to be even nicer, we can give them a free ride home (deportation) to their homeland.  That way, we can still treat these people if they really need it, but I don't think it's fair for taxpayers to subsidize in illegal aliens trip to the emergency room for a runny nose, and I'd bet we would see too many minor medical problems in a place they were never supposed to be:  The EMERGENCY room.

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, surely these illegal aliens get handed a medical bill.  You're right, they do.  Who's going to make them pay it?  It's not as if you can "ruin their credit" if they don't.  It's kinda like ol' Barry Obama's idea to tax oil companies to punish them for their success.  Ultimately, it will be a tax on oil consumers, because oil companies will just pass the cost of the tax on to us.  They'll just consider it part of their overhead, and it won't affect their profit margin.

Of course, this is what happens when people who know absolutely nothing about running a business (government) start telling businesses how to run their business.  These jack-holes have never made a payroll, never even been in charge of anything remotely profitable, but they know what's best.

Keep in mind that both TORT Reform and and enforcing immigration laws are a hell of a lot more constitutional than this garbage congress is trying to push through.  With two thirds of the government willing to ignore and dismiss The Constitution, only the judicial will be able to save us from this government takeover of yet another sector of our economy.

Also, with 34 states already invoking the 10th amendment to opt-out of health care reform, a failure by the judicial branch to uphold The Constitution may even result in civil war.  I could be wrong, perhaps Americans can tolerate totalitarian tyranny these days, but I recall from history class that we started this country to free ourselves from tyranny.

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