Saturday, June 1, 2013

Plausible Deniability

Unless you've been living in a cave with your ears plugged and your eyes sewn shut, you've probably noticed the government has been caught practicing more tyranny than usual.  The corruption level has always been high, but now that the press has discovered they're subject to oppression, they've decided to actually report on it.  It's about damn time!

I've not posted on this blog in quite a while.  Unfortunately, I don't really have a lot of spare time to bitch about the government these days, I'm too busy working so the government can take 20% of my income and give it to failing solar companies. 

Let's start with Benghazi, the scandal that just won't go away.  Hillary really screwed herself on this one.  It's going to be hard to become president when you're acting like such a cold uncaring bitch when it comes to four Americans dying at our embassy in Libya.   If there is a hell, I'm sure Hillary's eternal soul will have the devil explain that it does matter why these attacks on our embassy occurred. 

Meanwhile, our dear leader President "I didn't knowbama" is letting every one of his little political soldiers to take the blame.  It's clear that they're going to have to dump Obama's favorite disciple, Eric Holder.  Maybe we should start electing adults instead of mental midgets like Obama and his cronies. 

The most idiotic defense of the administration came from our favorite wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi.  She tried to compare Obama's ignorance on the IRS scandal (which I'm sure he not only knew about, but conceived) to Speaker of the House Boehner not knowing about the oppression happening in the district adjacent to the one he represents.  For some reason I feel like I have to explain the obvious on this one.  Barack Hussein Obama is President, making him the head of the executive branch of our government.  The Internal Revenue Service is a part of that executive branch.  John Boehner (who I'm not a fan of personally) is part of the legislative branch, and has no responsibility to keep tabs on the IRS (until the scandal of course). 

The IRS has been targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny, and even Christian charities (I assume it's because of their position on gay marriage).  This makes my argument of abolishing much of the IRS stronger than ever.

When you have a complex tax code like ours, we're going to have bureaucrats picking winners and losers.  This endangers all of us of losing our rights.  People were intimidated for having an opinion about their government, or even for having religious beliefs.  I guess these dickheads don't like the 1st amendment.

Their disrespect of the 1st amendment is completed by their attacks on AP and Fox News.  I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that reporting the news isn't a crime.  If someone leaked government secrets or endangered national security, it was a government official, not a reporter.  If this was about catching the person responsible for the leak, there wouldn't be any need to try to intimidate the press.  Here's how I'd investigate and find the leak, and it's a lot simpler and actually respects the constitution.  First, every single administration employee that had knowledge of the information leaked to the press would be asked to take a polygraph.  Anyone who exercised their right to refuse the polygraph would be investigated further.  See how I've already narrowed the list of suspects without intimidating the press? 


I personally think the TEA Parties are on the right track, but they're still putting too much trust in the republican party.  The republicans have failed to prove themselves worthy time and again, and voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.  It's time for the Libertarians to take the power our federal government holds, and return it to the states and the people.  They are currently the only political party that believes in the freedom so many brave men and women fought and died for.  It's time to elect a party that will have fiscal responsibility, respect our freedoms, and won't punish the makers to take care of the takers.

So what's your solution?  I created this blog not only to get my opinions out there, but to hear the opinions of others.  I will post any comment now matter how much I disagree with it, because that's how much I believe in free speech.  Comments are moderated only to prevent spammers from defiling my corner of the world wide web.  I want to hear from you, especially since you had enough attention span to read this far down.

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