Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tea Flavored response to the pilot's manifesto:

First of all, thanks for insulting the intelligence of the American people.  We really appreciate you telling us we're being fleeced by the government, we had no idea! 

What kind of jackass solves his problems by ramming a plane into a building?  Last I checked that was something only smelly jihadi goat-fuckers did. 

I condemn this man's actions and hope his family can somehow get past his abandoning them.  Did he think they'd be just fine after he was gone?  Who will take care of them now, the government he hates? 

If you think violence is the only answer, you're entitled to that opinion.  I don't encourage you to act upon it, but if you must, try targeting corrupt tyrants instead of innocent citizens.  TEA parties in front of the Capitol are much more effective and convincing than an asshole with bad debts, bad luck, and a grudge slamming a plane into a building full of innocent people.

By the way, why are you crying?  Not many people in this country have the financial clout to purchase their own private plane, was life really that hard?  Seems like you were doing better than most.

The last two lines of the manifest are the most troubling.  Somehow Mr. "Victim" is blaming capitalism for his tax problems.  Clearly, he doesn't understand what he's railing against, because socialism is the reason taxes are so high, and socialism is "communism light."  This man was clearly troubled and confused, and we can only hope he finds peace in death.  May God forgive his tortured soul. 

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