Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama: Don't question my citizenship!

Release you're bona-fides, and I guarantee this "birther" thing will go away.  Keep hiding your records, and I guarantee this "birther" thing will NOT go away.


  1. "Release your bona-fides, and I guarantee this "birther" thing will go away."

    O Rly...

    Will it really? Nope.

    YOu know why? Because it's still here, even after he has released his actual, legitimate for all legal purposes, and further verified by the state of Hawaii, birth certificate.

    The very history of the Birthers themselves tell us that no evidence will suffice. If we could take you back in time to the actual birth room, and have you witness it first hand, you would still claim that more proof is needed.

    Face it, it's not about proof, it's about no way in hell would you ever accept the will of the people. You're sore losers, purre and simple.

    Simple and losers are good descriptives, though. You better get used to them.

  2. Are you trying to mislead, or are you legitimately ignorant of the difference between a CERTIFICATION of live birth, and a CERTIFICATE of live birth?

    A Certification of live birth is not sufficient, no hospital, no signatures, etc.

    John McCain released his long form vault copy, why can't Obama?

    As far as your accusations about not accepting the will of the people, well obviously you haven't read into the GOOOH party, which I encourage you to do. Click on the green GOOOH sign on the sidebar to see what my party is all about.

    By the way, how much do democrats respect the will of the people when they shut the opposition completely out of the healthcare debate? It's called TORT reform, and Texas and Mississippi's medical systems are thriving because of it. Healthcare does get cheaper when a Doctor doesn't have to run 12 tests to "cover his ass" from frivilous lawsuits.
    Also, malpractice insurance is cheaper, allowing doctors to further lower their rates.

    In addition, allowing competition across state lines wasn't even considered by dems. Any economist will tell you competition drives prices down.