Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dirty Wizard Homeless Santa believes in Global Warming

As if this guy wasn't ridiculous enough, now he blames the US for global warming.  Clearly Bin Laden and liberals have something in common, blissful ignorance.  Not their ignorance, the ignorance of their followers.  I'm sure that old mountain dwelling goat f*cker doesn't believe in global warming, anymore than he believes in Jihad.  It's all about money, and Bin Laden found a new way to recruit weak, unquestioning minds.  After all, it's a leap of faith to believe in global warming.  It's no surprise this smelly wannabe tyrant is into the same retarded propaganda that Al Gore and Barack Obama love so well.


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  2. Why would you post that here? Don't get me wrong, I thinkg GOOOH is the only sane party out there, but why put this here on a very old post that has nothing to do with GOOOH?

    Just a note, my readers can probably see the GOOOH stop sign link on the sidebar, they don't need GOOOH spam in old posts. I guess what I'm trying to say is: My blog advertises GOOOH for free, I'm not paid for it, I just love GOOOH. With that in mind, keep your comments on topic.