Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welfare: The boot on the necks of the poor

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime.

Welfare is giving a man a fish.  Worse, it's training him to expect it from you.  I don't have any problem with helping people out when they're down on their luck, but at some point you're just enabling a failure to take responsibility.  After all, if a welfare recipient gets a real job, he loses his free government cheese.  He might even have to take a pay cut if he got a real job. 

He won't even be drug tested to make sure he's not trading food-stamps for crack, but if he tries to get a real job, they'll make him pee in a cup.  This is the kind of stuff that is bankrupting America both financially, and morally.  Instead of handing out checks to people, let's pay them a livable wage to pick up litter, clean up graffiti, landscape public property.  Hell, they might learn a skill and make something of themselves if you give them a chance.  Instead, we throw money at the problem, and create an endless cycle of poverty.  Poor + having baby = payraise!  How is that good?  The standard argument is, "oh, we love children, that's why we had to have so many."  Well, if you love them so much, why do you keep bringing more and more of them into a situation of poverty?  Now we have poor people making babies because they get more money for it.  Since these poor people don't have to make a living, they don't teach it to their kids, who end up on welfare, and the cycle continues, growing exponentially.

In the end, welfare has become a proliferator of useless dead weight on our economy, as well as a huge tax-burden to punish people who dare make their own way through life.

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