Saturday, January 23, 2010

GOOOH recruitment letter - spread the word

GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE If you are concerned about America, please distribute 12 copies of this note. I respectfully request you visit and learn about the plan to save our nation. Will you help us fire the career politicians who are destroying our country? Would you like to take the special interest money out of politics? Have you had enough of BOTH of these political parties? Are you concerned about any of the following?  Out of control spending and debt  Blatant government corruption  Rising unemployment rate  Failing education system  A ridiculous tax code  Illegal immigration  Career politicians The time has come to take action A simple plan exists. History is being written. Will you help? If you care about our nation, help others learn that a solution exists. Visit, G, triple O, H, dot com and learn how you can be part of the solution. If you want to help, please make 12 copies of this document:  Put on the chairs of co-workers  Hand to your neighbors and customers  Tack onto your company’s bulletin board  Set on a counter, table top, or by the copy machine  Place copies under a windshield wiper in any parking lot If you will distribute 12 copies, we the people will retake control of this out of control government THIS YEAR! Will you do your part?

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