Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tyrants Destroy Families

When a family structure exists, children have a much better chance of developing into good citizens, as well as responsible adults.  Parents and even older siblings can play a huge role in shaping a young mind.  It's an incredible advantage, to have two people to be parents.  When we are young, we must learn from our parents how to be polite and civilized.  Also, having parents both male and female shows us the proper way for men and women to act both individually, and with each other.  A rather unfortunate example of this is abuse.  If a father is violent in front of his children with his wife, the children may be doomed to perpetuate a cycle of abuse for generations.  A vicious cycle, that tells us parents have a huge impact on their children. 

Thanks to the broken welfare system, the family is a financial burden.  Welfare rewards single moms, so the mother doesn't marry the father and collects a check.  If the father sticks around and helps, he gets half the welfare check from her.  That's basically what welfare is doing for our society, destroying the idea of family.  I've seen this happen where I work.  There are two people that are father and son, but have different last names.  This is because the father never married, and had the kid out of wedlock to gain a huge single mother welfare check, while he works full time bringing home even more money.  This particular family is together, but they have not gotten married, because the system rewards them not to.  As a matter of fact, the welfare system pays them not to get married.  By the way, that father and son, well the son has children now, with a woman he's not married to.  Big surprise. 

Tyrants have been attacking the institution of marriage in this country for a while now.  The marriage penalty aspect of the federal tax code was built into the tax tables. Higher taxes were required for a married couple who earned the same as two single people. It didn't make any difference if the married couple filed jointly or separately. 

From 1913 to 1969, married couples had an advantage with income taxes, but from the 70s to present, it's been nothing but bad news for holy matrimony. 

The urban ghettos of the United States are almost void of married couples.  With most households lacking a strong father figure, many boys grow up not knowing how to be a man, while many girls grow up not knowing what a man is. 

The sad truth is, by throwing money at it, the US government is actually making things worse.  I'm sure there are a few honest souls out there that use the welfare system properly, but for the most part, it seems like a way to enable irresponsible behavior.  I went to find an apartment once, not knowing the place was tax exempt.  I told them my income, and I was eligible, no problem.  Then I told them I was going to school, and that was a big problem.  In the end, I decided I didn't really want to live there, not that they would have someone trying to improve themselves.

Smart tyrants know the family unit reduces their power over the populace, because they can depend on each other instead of the government.  That's why marriage is, and will continue to be under attack.

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