Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Joke's on You Taxpayers!

That's right, not only do we fund ridiculous federal bull$#!+, we also have the TSA.  Now, there might be some good people working in TSA, but I doubt there are many.  Most TSA officers grow to the height of ten feet once they button up that polyester uniform.  After all, power corrupts.  Their incompetence is increasingly disturbing to the average American, but I know better.  After all, the borders are wide open.  We spend countless tax dollars to fund the TSA, but any jack-off who can survive in the desert (most of the people who would kill innocent souls in the name of "Allah" come from desert lands) can skip across the border with a little help from a coyote.  I put Allah in quotes because no sane god would ask his children to kill each other.  The point is, the joke is on taxpayers.  Good, honest, law-abiding citizens who want nothing more than to live their lives in freedom as they see fit are burdened with funding the massive retardation that is the TSA.  They didn't stop the panty bomber in Detroit, and they lied about what happened that day and were called out by detained passengers. 

I'm sorry to say, unless we close our borders, not even terrorists will take us seriously, and the "jihad" will continue.  These poor brainwashed souls are so easily manipulated by their poverty, that we, the American People, are made out as scapegoats for their misfortune.  We have such a different culture it's easy to convince them to hate the United States.  Even easy to convince them that killing innocents while committing suicide will somehow be looked upon as a good thing in the after life.  As far as I know, taking your own life is a sin.  Killing innocents is an even harsher crime in my eyes.  I certainly hope God feels the same way, because if not, I need to re-evaluate my faith.


  1. I thinnk most TSA folks are trying to do their jobs. I've flown a LOT and have had probably 99% of YSA be polite and respectful to me.

    But they're simply not allowed by TSA management to do their job, if by "their job" you mean "find terrorists who are trying to fly". The Political Correctness that pervades Washington DC ensures that huge resources are focused on Security Kabuki, and none on what would make a difference.

    Maybe "none" is too strong a word. Maybe.

    But it's the management, not the front line troops that I have a beef with.

  2. Borepatch-

    I agree, a lot of TSA employees are just trying to make a living. I'm not angry with them, or even their management. I'm angry that they expect me to take airport security seriously when any nutbag with explosives strapped to his nuts can walk across the border. I'm just trying to point out the whole thing is a farce, and a very expensive one for taxpayers. Basically, I'm questioning the very existence of TSA. After all, they failed to thwart the last attack.

    I think all passengers over 18 must be trained in the use of handguns, and REQUIRED to carry on a plane. Passengers seem better at counterterrorism than the TSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. when it comes to air travel.

  3. Okay, don't REQUIRE them, that wouldn't be freedom. I say encourage it though.